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Would you like to start producing your own video content but you’re not sure how to start?

We have the answer. All our training courses are tailored to your needs with one guarantee

At the end of every hands-on course, you will feel confident and ready to start producing your own high-quality videos for any online platform.

The most popular course is the one-day camera skills and video editing package.

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DSLR and video editing – one-day intensive

This has been by far our most popular course. At the end of the day you will have a complete understanding of how to shoot great quality video footage with professional sound.

In addition you will have a solid understanding of editing and will be ready to publish your footage to any social platform.

Course content –

  • Master all the manual settings of your DSLR
  • Learn how to record high quality audio
  • Essential filming techniques and tips
  • Practical exercises shooting interviews, testimonials or explainer videos
  • Learn how to edit and publish your video to any platform

Cost $850 (with discount for 2nd, 3rd or 4th person)

The one day course was great value and I would highly recommend it. Ed custom tailored the workshop to our camera gear and our organisation’s needs with a good balance of theory and practical exercises to build our team’s confidence.

Davina Rogers

Graphic Designer, SU QLD

Total flexibility
As all the courses are run on an individual basis (or with one group from the same organisation), you will not waste a single moment and will finish the day with all the skills you need.

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Ed’s video skills course was great. It was hands-on and he shared some very practical tips. He tailored the workshop to meet our specific needs and all three of us left feeling confident to get out there and start filming and editing!

Rochelle Holdsworth

Content Creator and Editor, Lifestyle and Community , City of Gold Coast

You have opened my eyes and the sky is the limit. My goal is to build a team of photographers and videographers that will work the central west of NSW. Thank you once again for the fantastic training you did.

Stephen Scott-Robinson

Wedding photographer, Central West Photography

Learn to shoot video on your phone

Your phone is capable of shooting high-quality video footage so start making the most of your high-definition video camera.

This one-day course teaches you how to start recording great quality video and audio with only a small investment in extra equipment such as a tripod, microphone and light.

The afternoon is spent learning how to quickly edit your footage using Adobe Premiere so you are ready to upload your own content to any social media platform. Take control of all your video marketing with this one-day jam-packed course.


Our small team were very excited and looking forward to the filming video editing workshop. Ed was very organised, helpful, patient and offered individual attention to each student during the workshop.

I loved the practical hands-on nature of the class and the ability to work independently on editing my video in Adobe Premier. Getting to know my DSLR camera, setting up light and space for filming, learning basic video editing all was very helpful to learn.

I will definitely be using newly gained skills for Digital Fabrics SM promo and marketing videos in near future.

Maria Tanygina

Designer, Digital Fabrics, Sydney

Do you want to produce stunning property videos?

On this one-day course, you will learn how to set-up your camera and use gimbals and wide-angle lens to create short engaging property videos. Additionally, you will use professional audio gear so you can add agent’s commentary or client testimonials.

The day also covers how to work efficiently with a shot-list to make sure you don’t miss a shot but also save yourself time during the editing process.

The afternoon is spent editing with Adobe Premiere where you turn your footage into stylish sharable content ready to upload to any platform.

Absolutely loved this workshop!

We covered everything from camera settings to editing, and the workshop was tailored specifically to our needs. Ed as very knowledgeable and no question was left unanswered.

I would highly recommend this workshop to all who are interested in video production

Ebony Lucantonio

Marketing manager, Connected Group Australia Pty Ltd

Photography to videography 

Are you currently paid to take photos but want or need to start shooting video? This one-day course quickly runs you through the manual settings on your camera, plus a series of hands-on practical exercises will teach you how to confidently shoot video with your own camera.

The audio session reveals all the tips and tricks you’ll need to know to make sure your video not only looks good but sounds good too.

Adobe Premiere will look very familiar if you are currently using other Adobe products so within hours you will be confidently editing and exporting your own videos.

I found the course very useful and informative.  I now have more confidence to go out and start capturing and editing!

I am glad to finally have my gear setup and sorted with the right settings.  I realise I still have much more to learn, especially on the editing and capture technique side, and I look forward to this now with new found confidence.
Jonathan Dade

Real Estate/Commercial Property photos, Jonathan Dade Photography

Camera skills 101

Have you invested in a new camera for your team or department? Do you want to quickly bring your group up to speed on how to get the best out of your new investment?

Video Skills excels in fast, practical learning workshops so you can start making your own high-quality content as soon as possible.

Get in touch to find out more about this one-day intensive or combine it with an editing workshop.

In the first hour I had my head around the key concepts I’d been struggling with. Everything after was gold and feel far more confident filming and producing. 

I recommend Ed’s one-on-one coaching for anyone wanting to take their video work to the next level.

Rod Campbell

Digital Publishing and Communications Officer, NSW Government | Local Land Services

Video skills for bloggers

Want to boost your production skills this year? Do you struggle with good audio and lighting? Why not learn to all the tips and tricks without having to spend a fortune on kit and spend ages mastering video production skills.

Find out more about our ONE DAY intensive

The tips and practical advice Ed gave me during my one-day coaching session have vastly improved the quality of the video I shoot. The day was very practical – by the end, I had shot and edited a short clip that looked far more professional than anything I had produced before.
It was great to be able to ask lots of questions specific to my needs, and move at a pace I was comfortable with. I now feel more confident in my ability to shoot a professional looking video for my online courses.
Sarah Cook

Instructional designer

Shoot high quality video

Learn to shoot high quality video using the latest equipment or use your own knowing that when you leave you are ready to go into full production.

Edit your footage fast

Our editors will show you every step you need to know to turn your unedited footage into a polished film.

Upload to any platform

YouTube, Twitter, Facebook or Vimeo? It doesn’t matter where you share your video as it will look good on any platform.

We run training courses across Australia with our main office HQ in Sydney.

Drop us a line and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

e: info@videoskills.com.au or call 0435253611

I undertook did the Video Skills one-day DSLR camera and editing intensive. Ed was very knowledgeable and knew his stuff. He was able to answer every question and shared info in a clear and easy to understand format.

I would not hesitate to recommend him and the course. It was really good and very well priced.

Jo Forman

Communications manager, Support Act

Frequently Asked Questions

Every course is unique to your needs to make sure you feel confident when you leave to start producing high quality professional videos. Take the stress and cost out of hiring production companies by learning the skills today.

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Who are these courses designed for?
  • Photographers who want to harness the video power of their DSLR
  • Journalists who want to add video broadcast skills to their CV
  • Businesses wanting to increase video production without the production costs
  • Companies wanting to build online communities and broadcast on the web
  • GoPro heroes with action film footage (that just needs editing!)
  • Budding mobile video journalists
Where and when do you run the courses?
We run courses in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Gold Coast and Noosa. We are also very happy to run in-house training for staff members. Drop us a line and a sales representative will be in touch shortly.
Who are the trainers?
All our staff our media professionals with years of industry experience producing documentaries, corporate films, TVCs and wedding films. Each course is tailored to your needs to make sure you achieve all your goals.
Want to start making 360 video content?

We offer training courses to help get you started with this amazing new tech.

Video Skills tested three cameras on the market – Samsung Gear 360 VR, Kodak PixPro SP360 4K and GoPro Hero 4 Black with Freedom 360 rig.

How will the $500 camera stack up again the $7000 set-up? Check out our completely FREE course explaining each camera from tech spec to stitching tips…

Editing course

Our skilled instructors will show you how to quickly assemble your footage into a clip ready to upload to the web or export to DVD using professional editing software (Adobe Premier Pro). On this one day course you will learn –

  • An overview of the editing software and tools
  • How to import your video footage and efficient workflows
  • A simple five step process to edit footage quickly
  • How to add music, text and intro boards
  • Practical exercises
  • Best methods to export mini-clip for web or DVD

Want to shoot your own video?

We’ve got you covered with an extensive range of courses, but if can’t see what you want give us a call today.
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