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Video for bloggers – One day intensive

This course is designed to answer all your questions on how to achieve high quality video production focusing on all the challenges that you’ll face when starting out or wanting to up your game.

The day is divided into theory and practical sessions so by the end you will be completely ready to head off to start recording high quality video for your website or any social platform.

The course covers –

  1. Equipment – An ideal setup including lights
  2. Audio – what are the best options?
  3. Publish – post-production
  4. Video script and telling your story
  5. Distribution and promotion

Make your video shine

What equipment should you buy to make your video sparkle? Everyone starts with the same question and we can answer those queries to save you time and cash.

With a small investment and some simple skills your videos will really shine. Our simple tips will improve your overall video production fast.


Your audio is more important than the video so don’t rely on the camera microphone. Instead purchase a microphone that plugs straight into your phone. We will show you which ones work best and how to use them properly to get crystal clear results every time.

Post-production and publishing

There are several options available for post-production either directly on your phone or computer. The course will discuss the pros and cons of different software options availble. In addition we will cover adding text, music and extra graphics.

We also offer extended Adobe Premiere courses for those who wish to push their editing skills to the next level. This is great for added audio control, colour correction and faster editing workflows. A one day course can save you hours of frustrating post-production woes.

Tell your story

Script your videos like a pro to save you time but more importantly tell your story to ensure you are capturing your unique personality. Follow our 5 point guide to make sure every video encapsulates your passion everytime.

Broadcast yourself to the world

Which platform? What format? You have the perfect video with ace sound and lighting… Now share with the world with ease.

If you have any questions please drop us a line or call on 0435253611.

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