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Many companies and organisations have benefited from training staff to make video content in-house.

It saves time and money plus allows a more flexible approach to their video content creation and planning.

3M, North Ryde, Sydney

The General Manager of technical operations wished to up-skill 30+ Application Engineers. 

3M Technology - Video Workshop

Due to the pandemic there had been fewer opportunities for the engineers to visit client offices.

Therefore, learning how to quickly create video content has become an essential tool for the team.

The workshop covered how to use all the equipment in the newly installed studio (DSLR cameras, gimbals, teleprompter, live vision switcher) plus how to edit content using Adobe Rush.

Workshop Structure

Working in small groups of 5, the teams covered all aspects of creating content in-house plus how to use other equipment on location.

Short Form Content

The engineers are often asked for short demos or how-to videos from the marketing team. The workshop provided them with the proficiency to deliver this content quickly.

Efficient Editing

Adobe Rush gives the team the ability to edit on a device but also the capacity to edit the content on their laptops for many platforms.

Team Feedback

The response from the participants was extremely positive and they were bursting with ideas on how to use their new knowledge.

Ray White, South Bank, Melbourne

The principal at Ray White South Bank wanted to train his PM and Sales department to film and edit their video content.

Ray White South Bank

The workshop covered filming on a phone and using a DJI gimbal, the shots required and best techniques plus how to edit efficiently on-site using the DJI Mimo app.

Workshop Structure

The workshop was based on using a phone to film and edit video content on location. Working in groups of 10, the teams learned how to quickly achieve this goal. 

Simple Structure

If correctly structured, creating video content should not be hard or too time-consuming. The staff brainstormed the shots required to minimise shot time plus how to maintain consistency in their video output.

Efficient Editing

DJI Mimo is an app that you use on your phone to edit footage. There is music, graphics and other premium features to help produce a polished edit. The team used the app on their phones during a practical hands-on session. The footage could always be re-edited later on a laptop.

Team Feedback

The new knowledge helped improve the quality of the offices’ previous video production. Additionally, the group training embedded a company style to all future social content.

Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA), Brisbane

We designed a two-day video training workshop, for the Learning Development Advisors so they could create more engaging and professional video material.

Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA)

The first day of the training covered how to use their Sony camera and video recorder. Additionally we covered recording audio and using lighting before a 3-hour practical session. 

Hands-On Session

The team learned how to shoot an interview and the extra shots required to produce an engaging video. 

Pre-Production Techniques

Video Skills provides a framework which participants can use for all their future productions. It’s a simple set of shots that staff will remember when they start filming after the course.

Desktop Editing

CASA opted to learn Adobe Premiere. It’s a popular choice as many companies already have access to the Adobe creative Cloud. It looks a bit daunting at first but within hours the staff had mastered it.

Team Feedback

Over the years Video Skills has provided training for CASA staff in Brisbane and Canberra. The workshop has been very popular and we have been delighted to run the workshop over the last three years. 

Video and Editing Skills


The latest video marketing statistics show that 86 percent of marketing professionals use video as a marketing tool.

The majority of them (78 percent) say videos have directly helped to increase sales, while 86 percent also say that videos increased traffic to their website.

Wyzowl, 2021