Presenting in front of the camera can be nerve-racking, even for senior staff, so follow these top tips to make sure you’re all prepared on the day.

On the Video Skills videography workshops, we teach you how to prepare yourself or staff on how to give their best in front of the camera.

There are several options available including using a teleprompter which can save time and stress on the day. This works by having the script visible to the person in front of the camera by using an iPad and a teleprompter kit. These usually cost around $300.

One of the great things is that you will be able to precisely script the words and this will allow you to gauge how long the video will be before you start editing. The person presenting will be able to relax (as much as possible!) and concentrate on the performance instead of having to be word perfect, which is virtually impossible.

The biggest tip with scriptwriting is to use a conversational style with no acronyms or numbers. It is best if the person speaking reads through the script beforehand and makes any adjustments needed to make it flow for them.

Once you are set you can adjust the speed of the teleprompter to help match their talking speed. Also, remember that they should not come across as just reading so the person would need to add some energy and feeling into the performance.

If the teleprompter is a certain distance away from the person, you will not see their eyes moving back and forth too much and another tip would be to narrow the width of the text to prevent the eyes travelling too far from side to side.

With or without a teleprompter the main aid will be preparation, as it’s hard to think on your feet in front of the camera. Hopefully, the person knows the content inside out but they need to keep it simple and I always say it should be delivered as if you are explaining it to a friend down the pub.