There are lots of great video editing shortcuts for Adobe Premiere (or any other video editing program) when it comes to video editing and everyone has their favourite. Sometimes this depends on the type of video they want to create or how they were originally taught.

For me, I have worked in many industries editing video but working at a newspaper site taught me how to become very fast at quickly producing 60 or 90-second video content.

So in terms of shortcuts these are some of my most used –

  • J and L to help speed through the footage
  • Mark In and OUT around a section I want to remove in the timeline and hit ; or ‘ to LIFT or EXTRACT that section
  • Use the AUDIO TRACK MIXER to quickly lower any music track
  • Use the PEN TOOL to add keyframes and adjust the audio volume during the video
  • I use the SLIP tool to quickly adjust a clip whilst keeping the clip in the same place and with the same duration
  • I love the RATE STRETCH tool to make a clip longer to fill a gap without knowing how much to slow it down by
  • I will often quickly replace a music track or clip with another by RIGHT-CLICKING on the clip and selecting CLIP > REPLACE FOOTAGE from SOURCE MONITOR
  • Hitting F will load the orginal clip into the source monitor. I can then hunt around for a similar shot.

There are many great videos from Justin at Primal Video or Full Time Filmmaker but often the main speed boost will come from shooting for the edit.

Say what? This is where you spend time planning your shoot so you know what footage you will need to capture and how it will all tie together in the editing process. Map it all out beforehand and then you can quickly grab sections and pull it all together.

I will certainly use the keyboard for shortcuts and this is a must but remember the main bottle necks for the finishing of any video will beĀ  –

  • Not having quite the right content from not planning what you exacytly want to achieve from the interview
  • Knowing how the interviews will tie together
  • Having not enough overlay to help keep the pace and engagment up during the video
  • Not having access to a good music library (such as Art List for example)
  • Having to cut the video down as not enough time was spent pre-planning the desired outcome

On the Video Skills course we cover shooting for the edit and planning your video shoots so you have a formula to use everytime. Using this along with a handful of video editing Adobe Premiere shortcuts will spend up your post-production by 10 times!