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Useful video tutorials

Whether you are just starting out or just need a refresher remember there are many great videos online with specific information for a particular type of video you may want to produce. Here is a sample of my favourites that are well produced and contain loads of valuable information.


Filming your own video tutorials

Parker Walbeck at his finest with a perfect 5 step guide on how to set-up and record your own video tutorials using camera and audio gear that costs less than US$1000. 

Real Estate

Shooting real estate videos requires a few extra toys, err I mean equipment, like a drone and a gimble.

The rest is practice and finding the style that suits you and your client.

Parker Walbeck shares many great tips in this informative ‘shooting real estate’ video.

Wedding Videography

Another fantastic job shadow with Parker Walbeck which is jammed full of everything you need to know including equipment choices and top tips.



Philip Bloom is one of the greatest film producers out there. In this video, he gives invaluable lighting tips including the basics of three-point lighting.