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The FREE video tutorials will guide you through these important first steps – 

  • So what is ISO?
  • Shutter speed and videography
  • Correct aperture settings for video
  • Setting-up for an interview
  • Camera settings when shooting overlay
  • Tools to help get correct exposure
  • Do I need to buy a different lens?
  • What is the white balance?
  • What frame rate should you use?
  • Why use 4K?
  • How to set the focus
  • Record clear audio with wireless mics
  • Recording great audio every time

It is perfect for anyone wanting to film interviews, client testimonials, product explainers, business or self-promotional content. The list is endless but the core skills are the same.

It will save you thousands of dollars in external video production costs and give you control over your video content creation.

About Video Skills

Our aim is to help you produce better videos, so you can quickly shoot and edit your own content.

It’s not difficult once you learn how to set-up and use your equipment plus you’ll learn a simple formula to follow each time for successful results.

For years I worked for many leading brands and NGOs including the BBC, Fairfax Media, Bloomberg, Canon, AMP, Amnesty International and Australian Red Cross. 

I have distilled this knowledge into short one and two-day courses to get you ready and confident to produce your own footage in hours not months.

4.9 Star Google Review

What do you want to learn? 

Is there anything you’d love to have covered in the online course? If so we would love to hear from you.