I am often asked whether Adobe Premiere or Filmora by Wondershare is better.

The simple answer is for most people both will easily do the job. The majority of editors dealing with social media content will need to quickly hunt through interviews and overlay shots and pull together the best soundbites and illustrative shots to tell a short story.  Yes you may need to improve the audio and do some colour correction but most of the time will be spent trimming clips, adding overlay, graphics and music.

Adobe Premiere is a great tool that is highly regarded by the professional editing community and can be found through the corporate world. If you want to learn a tool that you can take from job to job then Premiere is the one for sure. The downside for most people is the cost but many people I meet do not have to worry about this as they are staff. The small business owner, NGO or entrepreneur may more cost-conscience and therefore at Video Skills we also teach Filmora.

Filmora works on PC and Mac, like Premiere, but there is a cheaper option per year rather than a monthly subscription. This makes it much more affordable.

The software can do all the tasks most people need but there are a few features that gives Premiere the edge. For me, these are the more advanced audio and colour correction tools. You can easily repair poor audio and you have the ability to really deep dive into audio editing with filters and effects.

The same is true with colour correction. In both programs you can correct problems with exposure and white balance but Premiere will allow you to do much more tweaking at a finer level.

Additionally, there are always new features being released with Premiere at a faster rate than Filmora… Adobe is a giant in comparison to Wondershare of course.

My current favourite is the new caption tool for subtitles. This has simplified this consuming task and in the near 2021 future they will also add voice to text translation. This will transform the task of making the subtitles because at some point this is a task that needs to be done by someone.

So in conclusion, both programs will do the job for most people but Premiere has the edge in many ways. So, if you had to learn just one program, ignoring the software costs, then I would always say Adobe Premiere.